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Eulogies are usually about three minutes long depending on the information provided. Please remember that it is content rather than length that is important.

Our customized eulogies are a wonderful way of expressing how much the deceased meant to you. Let us help you to express, publicly, your sense of sorrow and loss and your favourite memory!

We only ask these questions so that we can write a personal and moving tribute, so please answer the questions as fully as possible. The few minutes you spend answering may mean that your tribute will give comfort for years to come.

We need time to make your eulogy really special. Please order it as early as possible.

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  • We will reply to you asking for further information, if we feel that is necessary. The more information you give us in the first place, the better.
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  • The eulogy will be written and sent to you. If you require any modifications you can let us know at that stage and the eulogy will be modified and the final version will be resent to you.
  • We offer a 100% refund policy. If you're not happy with your eulogy, we will refund the money to your account in full. We have been writing eulogies since 1995 and over 99.5% of customers have been happy with their eulogies.

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14. How they died: old age, in accident, illness, unexpectedly?
15. Personality of the deceased, hobbies etc.

He was a quiet serious man, loved reading historical books. He liked football and was also a keen gardener with a great knowledge of roses. He played cards with his friends once a week and travelled extensively in Europe.
She was a jolly person, full of life and vitality and very popular in the neighbourhood. She was a wonderful cook and made delicious apple pies for every family occasion. She loved acting and was a star at all functions in the local dramatic society.

16. Commitments of deceased. Had they a commitment to some organization or group. e.g. Was he/she in a political party, a church group or perhaps an organization such as the scouts?
17. Did you do something with them? e.g. Did you play cards every Saturday or go to dinner every month?
18. Had they a particular habit by which they were known? e.g. did he/she always whistle or do a party piece?
19. Name a particular talent of the deceased e.g. he she was a great amateur actor/dancer.
20. Do you want some humour in the eulogy?
21. Was the deceased married or single and what family members will be there to hear eulogy e.g. wife, children?
22. State if there was someone who was particularly close such as handicapped child or favourite grandchild.
23. Finally and most importantly: What sort of relationship had you with and what do you want to say about the deceased?
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